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Fertilizing & Spraying

Do you want a green lush lawn? If so we can help. Our lawn care fertilizing and spraying programs are designed and suited for your individual lawn type. One of the key factors to having a beautiful lawn is fertilization; however that is only one piece of the puzzle in achieving a winning lawn. Other important factors include: watering, insect control, sunlight, shade, thatch, mowing height and disease control.

Below is a brief outline of our 5 step fertilizing and spraying program designed for our cool season lawns in southwest Kansas.

First Application

Early spring application helps to provide fast green-up and recovery from winter stress. Weed control and crabgrass preventers are applied as well as a slow release iron and sulfur supplement. Note if you plan on aerating your lawn in early spring its best to aerate before the first application so the pre-emergent herbicide won’t get disturbed.

Second Application

Spring application provides extra nutrients, along with additional iron and sulfur supplements which improve lawn color and density. We will spray the lawn to help ensure a continuous long control of unwanted weeds throughout the season.

Third Application

Summer months we apply a slow release fertilizer designed to promote root growth, without burning the grass in the high summer heat. We will spray for any remaining weeds as well as inspect for grubs, and other damaging problems. Treatment options will be discussed with homeowner if problems arrive.

Our Services

  • Fertilizing and Spraying​
  • Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance
  • Power-Raking and De-Thatching
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Trimming of Shrubs and Hedges
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Clean Gutters
  • Spring and Fall Cleanup​
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Snow Removal Services
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Fourth Application

Fall is the most important time of the year to fertilize which helps build strong roots enabling the turf to withstand a harsh Kansas winter. We will spray for broadleaf weeds if needed.

Fifth Application

This will round out the season preparing your lawn for winter and providing the necessary amount of nitrogen to insure a nice green up come spring.

*All rates and application periods will vary for warm season grass such as Buffalo, Bermuda and Zoysia.

Most of the fertilizer products we put down are coated with sulfur ; this is beneficial by guarding against burning of the grass, helps maintain proper PH, as well as allowing the fertilizer to slowly break down thus giving a much longer feeding.

Licensed and Certified

Snodgrass Lawn Service is a licensed & certified commercial Business through the Kansas Department of Agriculture.
KDA Pesticide business license #6302
Commercial pesticide applicator certification #17315